MET-VASC in the media


MET-VASC in the media



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The research provides evidence about the alterations that a high-fat diet causes in the signaling of the type 2 angiotensin II endothelial receptor (R-AT2). This receptor, important in the regulation of arterial tone by maintaining the functionality of the vascular endothelium through the activation of nitric oxide synthesis, carries out its functions through the formation of dimers with the bradykinin receptor (R-B2) and the Mas receptor (R-Mas). However, obesity induces alterations in the communication between these receptors, leading to the development of vascular damage.

Vitamina E obesidad gestación

Supplementation with vitamin E could reduce the risk of babies born to mothers with pregestational obesity being born with malformations. This is the conclusion of a study published in the journal ‘Antioxidants’, developed and led by researchers from the Metabolism and Vascular Function Group (MET-VASC) of the CEU San Pablo University, in collaboration with Harvard University in Boston (USA).

CEU Seahorse tejido adiposo marrón

Professors from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the CEU San Pablo University, Martín Alcalá, María Calderón-Domínguez, and Marta Viana, have participated in the development of a new technique to measure the production and utilization of energy in brown adipose tissue, a key organ in obesity due to its ability to oxidize fat and dissipate energy as heat. This method, published in the scientific journal ‘Advanced Science’, improves the accuracy of previous techniques for studying the functionality of adipose tissue, and can also be used to test drugs that could combat obesity.

Somoza Gil Ortega

Pharmaceutical Care has published the results of an observational study conducted by Pharmacology professors from the CEU San Pablo University, which evaluates the relationship between the degree of information that patients treated with oral anticoagulants have about their treatment and the incidence of adverse reactions to it.

The Angel Herrera XXI Awards were presented by the San Pablo CEU University Foundation last Wednesday at an event held at the Casino de Madrid.

The professors from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the CEU San Pablo University, María Calderón Domínguez, Marta Viana Arribas, and Martín Alcalá Díaz-Mor, received the Angel Herrera Award for Best Research Work in the Area of Experimental Sciences for their work ‘Brown adipose tissue bioenergetics: a new methodological approach’. The award was presented by the President and CEO of LG Electronics for Spain and Portugal, Jaime de Jaraiz Lozano.

Marta Gil Ortega MET-VASC

Pharmacy PhD and associate professor in the Pharmacology department, Marta Gil Ortega, from the CEU San Pablo University, has been awarded the “Mario Martín Velamazán” Pharmacy Research Award in its fifth edition for her research trajectory in obesity and cardiovascular risk.