Our Technology

In our laboratories, we combine the technology for measuring vascular function and structure with everything necessary for the determination of metabolism.


Our equipment

Baño de órganos MET-VASC

8-channel organ bath.

Miógrafo de presión

Pressure Myograph 110P

Non-invasive blood pressure monitor Cibertec mod. NIPREM 645


Wire myograph 620M

Other devices

“These are some of the techniques that we routinely perform in our group:

  • Vascular function in organ bath and wire myograph.
  • Structural analysis of arteries in pressure myograph.
  • Western Blot.
  • qPCR.
  • ELISA.
  • Determination of oxidative stress markers:
    • Activity of antioxidant enzymes (SOD, CAT, GPx, GR).
    • Markers of oxidative damage to lipids and proteins.
    • Levels of endogenous antioxidants (vitamin E, GSH).
    • LDL oxidation.
  • Immunohistological analysis.
  • Determination of mitochondrial metabolism (Seahorse)

Research Core Facilities

  • Animal Facility. Read more..
    • Including blood pressure monitors in rat/mouse models and temperature-controlled fridge for protocols involving activation of brown adipose tissue via cold exposure.
  • Cell culture room. Read more…
  • Instituto de Medicina Molecular Avanzada (IMMA). Read more…
    • Proteomics Core (Olink, Luminex)
    • Histology Core (Aperio Versa Scanner, DM5500 Microscope)
    • Molecular Biology Core (Attune NxT cytometer, HT7900 384-well HT7900 and 96-well CFX96 Thermocyclers, XF8 Seahorse)
  • Confocal Microscope Core. Read More…
  • Metabolomics Lab (CEMBIO). Read more…